People’s networks call for relocation of animals from Pata Zoo


BANGKOK, 25 September 2014  Representatives of people’s networks on Wednesday called on the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to revoke the license granted to Pata Zoo in Bangkok and to find a new home for the animals currently housed at the building-top zoo.

The people’s networks yesterday presented department director-general Niphon Chotiban with the signatures of 35,000 persons who supported the relocation of the animals at Pata Zoo. The group also inquired about the August 13 renewal of the zoo’s license despite continuous public opposition.

Mr. Niphon explained that officials had told the zoo owner to make improvements in the aspect of safety, especially for fire safety. The zoo must satisfy officials with a plan for the evacuation of animals in times of fire or the license would not be renewed next year. He also noted that a relocation of any of the animals from Pata zoo required the consent of the owner, as the animals were lawfully acquired assets of the zoo.

Proponents of the drive to relocate the animals argued that the zoo had been providing the animals with substandard quality of life. The focus was especially on the 27-year-old gorilla that has been living at the zoo for 25 years.