People join peace-promoting candle-lit ceremony


BANGKOK, 24 Mar 2014,  Members of ‘My Freedom Right Vote’ group gathered at the Royal Plaza to host a peace-promoting candle-lit ceremony, while mourning over what they called the ‘Death of the Constitution’. 

The group was referring to the Charter Court’ s rulings on the legality of last month’s general election.

Clad in white, the group members, together with monks and interested people, gathered to pray, conduct Buddhist rites, and light candles. The move is the group’s way to convey a message imploring all sides to refrain from violence and to promote peace and unity.

The group also expressed its disagreement with the court’s verdict on the annulment of the February 2nd election, writing their thoughts and opinions on a white banner. They deemed that the decision ignored the rights of the majority of the public and was unconstitutional.