Patum Thani residents protest over compensation for 2011 floods


PATHUM THANI, May 27 – Over 500 local residents were protesting on Sunday for the second time in Samkok district, demanding Bt20,000 per household compensation for 2011 floods, resulting in heavy traffic.

The protest gathered at Santisuk Intersection, claiming the amount of money they received was unjust.

Heavy traffic radiated in every direction to the centre of Samkok district and to Lam Luk Ka district, leading to the provincial seat. Police were trying to ease congestion for commuters.

Pathum Thani governor Kajornsak Singtokul previously negotiated with protestors, informing them the province had no authority to approve additional compensation. The matter must be forwarded to the government and would take several days.

However, having previously protested last Friday, demonstrators were still dissatisfied, as they wanted clear answers on the issue.