Pattaya: The Venice of the East


There is no doubt that the local authorities are working hard on improving our city, however a recurring problem that still needs to be urgently addressed is the city coping with seasonal storms.

On June the 8th it rained heavily for three hours causing havoc around town as the drains simply couldn’t cope.

One of the many flooded soi’s after the storm.One of the many flooded sois after the storm.

Some sois had several feet of water and over 50 houses were  flooded, damaging electric devices, belongings, and valuables.

Citizens complained that Pattaya city hall should be quicker to respond to the flooding as it happens every time and shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, and obviously the entire drainage system of the city need a massive overhaul unless Pattaya wants to market itself as the Venice of the east.

Pattaya: The Venice of the East