Pattaya Super Bully Show 2011


At Central Festival Pattaya Beach deputy mayor Ronakit Ekasingh was on hand to announce an upcoming event that they believe will be of interest to tourists.

This will be a bulldog show which has been given the ever creative title of ‘Pattaya Super Bully Show 2011’

The president of the event explained that the American Bully is prohibited in some countries, but is an intelligent dog.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit said city hall have supported this event as it may boost tourism and will be of great interest for animal lovers.

The Deputy Mayor heads up the press conference.The Deputy Mayor heads up the press conference.

This exciting event will take place from 9am on May the 22nd   at the Eastern National Sports Stadium in Soi Chaiyapruek 2.

Kennels from all over the country will have their best dogs on show and judges from the US will be there to give scores to the most outstanding breeds.

Pattaya Super Bully Show 2011