Tragedy at Pattaya Music Studio



At noon on May the 7th police and 10 fire engines rushed to the Music Studio in Duck Square south Pattaya to try to extinguish a fire that was engulfing the whole premises


At the scene paramedics tried their best to save a life of a 30 year old woman named Kanjana Payupat who crawled out of the blazing building.

She was quickly transferred to Banglamung hospital but died in the ambulance.

Firefighters tackle the blaze at the music studioFirefighters tackle the blaze at the music studio

After about 10 minutes the fire was extinguished and the Sawang Boriboon foundation volunteers were shocked to find the body of a little girl later identified as the dead mother’ s 3 year old Thai-American daughter.

The dead woman’s elder brother told police that he called for help when he saw the fire and that his sister crawled out of the building screaming in agony before collapsing.

Police are trying to ascertain the cause of the fire that so sadly took the lives of a mother and daughter.


Tragedy at Pattaya Music Studio