Pattaya partly cloudy throughout the week, Chiang Mai hits 38 °C – thunderstorm cautioned


Thailand Weather – General Situation

The heat low cover upper Thailand while the weaken the southerly and southeasterly coming with the humidity into the Northeast, the East, the Central and the lower North. Meanwhile, the South gets easterly winds across the Gulf. In the upper Thailand, hot to very hot condition still covers while less thundershowers are expected in the North, the Northeast, the East, the Central and the South. People in upper Thailand should stay safe due to the severe weather. Dust situation: The southerly and southwesterly winds across Bangkok and its vicinity with less thundershowers bring about accumulation of dust/smog. In the upper North, more accumulation is forecast in the morning due to bad ascending of air-parcel.

Pattaya - 7 days Weather Forecast 
Pattaya – 7 days Weather Forecast

Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity Forecast

Day hot with isolated light rain. Minimum temperature 26-27 °C. Maximum temperature 35-37 °C. Southerly winds 10-20 km/hr.

Chiang Mai - 7 days Weather Forecast 
Chiang Mai – 7 days Weather Forecast

7 days Thailand Weather Forecast

March 17, 2020 – March 23, 2020

During 17 – 18 Mar, the heat low covers the North with hot to very hot and outbreaks of thunderstorm with gusty winds and hails. The high pressure covers the Northeast, the East, the Central and the South China Sea. The Southerly and Southeasterly wind brings humidity to the East, the Central ant the lower North Outbreaks of thundershowers will be likely over upper Thailand. The easterly wind across the Gulf of Thailand will become stronger and bring the strong wind waves in the Gulf. During 19 – 23 Mar, the heat low covers upper Thailand with hot to very hot in the areas. The southerly and southeasterly winds prevail overs the lower Northeast, the East and the Central. Isolated thundershowers are forecast in the areas. The easterly winds prevail cover the southern part is weakening, cause the weak wind waves in the Gulf.


During 19 – 22 Mar, people in upper Thailand should be careful of hot to very hot.

(Sources: TMD – Thai Meteorological Department)