Pattaya City to relaunch campaign to reclaim beach from vendors


With the cooperation of the police and the army, Pattaya City on Friday launched a campaign to set a new order on Pattaya beach by evicting defiant vendors and beach chair operators.


Setthapol Boonsawat, chairman of the legal panel and the acting Pattaya City mayor, said that the cleanup campaign would be carried on continuously with the main focus on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches and Walking Street.

He said that the previous campaign was satisfactory but there are still some vendors and business operators who defy the authorities.  He charged that these unscrupulous people have caused public nuisance and created a bad image on Pattaya City which needs to be dealt with.

Initially, Mr Setthapol said authorities would patrol the beach on Friday-Sunday from 8-11 am to ensure there are no vendors, stalls and no beach chairs.

The campaign will later be expanded with longer hours and more frequency of enforcing of the off-limits measure, he said, adding that the measure will be enforced in other areas of Pattaya.