Patrol Stepped Up to Prevent Sea Turtle Egg Theft


PHANG-NGA, Jan 6  – Authorities have intensified patrols on a national park beach in Phang-nga, where eggs of leatherback turtle were stolen on Saturday.


Park officials found traces of a large turtle, crawling on Khao Nayak beach to lay eggs on Jan 3. Experts came to inspect the site and found two unfertilized eggs of the leatherback turtle while the rest of the eggs disappeared.

A 100,000-baht reward will be given to a person, who can give a tip-off that leads to the arrest of the thief.

The chief of in the Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park said the director general of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department ordered patrols to be intensified on the 13.6-km. beach during the nesting season or until March.

Local authorities will help guard the outer area. Entrances to the national park will close after 4 pm., he added.

The police said the sea turtle nest, where the leatherback turtle’s eggs were stolen is located in isolated area, about 10 km. from residential zones and the entry to the beach is restricted.

The police believe the suspects could be persons, who frequently enter the areas or fishermen, arriving by boats.