Passenger van operators want to return to Victory Monument


Operators of inter-provincial passenger van service have petitioned Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha asking for their vehicles to be relocated back to the Victory Monument, claiming that both the operators and passengers have been affected by the change of the parking site.


In a petition to the prime minister, Mr Boonsong Srisakul, acting president of the Association of Inter-Provincial Passenger Van Business, claimed that several passengers who would have to do some business or to visit hospitals around the Victory Monument found it very inconvenient to get off at one of the three bus terminals designated as the parking lots for the vans.

He claimed that van operators themselves had also been affected by a drop in passengers using their service after they were forced to park at one of the three bus terminals.

He also claimed that the space at the bus terminals was too small and not convenient for van operators.

Passenger van operators are allowed to use space at the three designated bus terminals without any charge for a certain period of time after which they will have to pay rental fees for the use of the space.

Mr Boonsong suggested that, in order to solve the problem for the operators as well as the passengers, they should be relocated back to Victory Monument under the expressway.