Parents relocate 22 kids to new school amid safety concern after tragic fire


Nightmares continue to haunt the girl students of a remote hill tribe village school in Chiang Rai province after a tragic fire killed 17 of their classmates on May 22.

Now parents have relocated 22 children from the school to other schools.

This was revealed as the svhool, Pitak Kiat Withaya school, reopened first day of resumption of classes for students yesterday.


But the first, no lessons were taught as teachers wanted their students to enjoy a lighter and fun filled first day.

To alleviate some of these concerns, the teachers instead chose to allow the students to play musical instruments and play games to relieve the tension.

Many parents however have not recovered from the recent disaster that occurred.

They have removed 22 children from the school fearing for the safety of their children.

These were made up of parents of female students who were at the school at the time of the fire.

Chiang Rai Region Office of the Private Education Commission will be handling the responsibility for finding new schools for these students as well as returning their school fees.

But parents of more than 50 students were seen arriving to drop their children off for classes which is a much smaller than regular 142 students that the school receives.

Many did not immediately leave as they normally did and chose to stay on a while longer to keep an eye on the safety of their children.

So far donations received for victims of the fire now amounted in total to more than 14 million baht.

Meanwhile chief investigation police officer Pol Maj-Gen Songtham Alapart said so far the police have investigated 50 witnesses to find the actual cause of the tragic fire at the girl dormitory.

He said that the investigation team was expected to wrap up the full investigation by next week.

The police have ruled out accident as cause of the fire and are now concentrating on carelessness and fire precaution measures at the school before considering who will be held responsible for this incident.