Pad See Ew voted most popular street food of Bangkok


BANGKOK, 24 March 2012  – Thai food has again made a global name for itself. This time, it is the common stir fried soy sauce noodles locally known as Pad See Ew. 

CCNGo, a leading online source of travel news, has chosen Pad See Ew as the most popular street dish of Bangkok along with local foods from various Asian cities including Penang (Malaysia), Taipei, Fukuoka (Japan), Hanoi (Vietnam), Singapore, Seoul (South Korea), Xi’ an (China) and Manila (the Philippines).

The agency has also described Bangkok as a street food heavyweight where people can have a good meal without having to go to a restaurant.

CNNGo has also attributed the overwhelming variety of street foods to the nature of Thai people, many of whom enjoy having a bite to eat throughout the day.

Other dishes on the list of most popular items on are Som tam, grilled pork, Boat noodles, fried rice with crab meat, Moo dad diew (deep fried spiced air-dried pork), Khanom jeen (fermented rice noodles), iced tea with milk, sweetened sticky rice with ripe mango and coconut milk and Khanom khrok (local coconut pudding).