Owners of century old homes in Ayuthaya relocating due to severe erosion


Ayuthaya – Residents of Baan Kum sub-district of Ayuthaya province have had to begin relocating their century old Thai homes for fear they might be swept away due to erosion along the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Subsidence along the Chao Phraya River basin has begun to have an impact on the concrete foundations of several homes in Baan Kum and put their structural integrity at risk. It’s feared that some of the century old homes could soon collapse and be swept away.

Ounruan Dontree , a 60 year old home owner, said the subsidence began in April this year but has worsened in recent months. After finding her home had sunk into the soil by as much as 30 centimeters she decided to have it removed. Another three nearby homes are facing similar problems and their owners have asked for official assistance.

Civil engineers in the province previously installed a foundational pillar to offset the erosion, and a more permanent dam to temper waters is to be unveiled in November. The situation has nonetheless become a worry for local people.