ormer Uruphong mob turns attention away from amnesty bill


BANGKOK, 8 November 2013 The Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand will spend the next 1-2 days evaluating the current situation before deciding on its next maneuver. 

Uthai Yotmani, coordinator for the network, revealed that the current occupation of Ratchadamnoen Nok Road in Bangkok was considered a scaled-up activity by the group. He confirmed that the group would not enter the restricted areas around Government House today (November 8).

According to Mr. Uthai, the number of demonstrators will be the deciding factor in the network’s next course of action, which will involve another scale-up of demonstration intensity in order to exert pressure on the prime minister. He added that the group’s rally was no longer geared toward rejecting the amnesty bill, but that the objective now was to remove the current administration and reform the country.

The protesters, who for weeks had camped at the Uruphong intersection in Bangkok before relocating, were rallying in front of the Royal Thai Army Headquarters, not far from Government House, on Thursday.