One Pattaya speed boat driver surrenders


CHON BURI, April 22 – A speed boat driver in the resort town of Pattaya turned himself in on Monday morning after two speed boats collided Sunday injuring 18 Korean tourists. 

Among those injured in the collision, one man lost his right leg from the boat’s propeller, another man’s legs were almost severed.

The speed boat “Sea Dream” was ferrying Korean tourists to Ko Lan Island when it collided with the speed boat “Sor Khem Thong” which was lying at anchor about 800 metres off the beach.

Local police said one of the two boat drivers, Amnuay Gladkemthong, of Sor Khem Thong had telephoned police seeking to turn himself in.

The other driver, Rungarun Hormlamduan, has not contacted the police.

Local authorities have impounded both boats for investigation at Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya.