Officials to clear Huai Kwang Market of sidewalk vendors


BANGKOK – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is pursuing its policy to ban sidewalk vendors at the Huai Kwang Market from Pracha Uthit to Pracha Songkhro Road.

The Chairman of Advisers to the Governor of Bangkok, Wallop Suwandee dispatched 150 police officers and soldiers to enforce the regulation, banning vendors from setting up their stalls in the area. The move was prompted by complaints from residents who have been affected by congestion and a garbage buildup in the drainage system.

The BMA has allowed 390 vendors to relocate to the second floor of Huai Kwang Market and will begin renovating the reclaimed sidewalks.

Huai Kwang Market has filed a petition to extend the relocation deadline, saying the market is not fully prepared to accommodate the new vendors.