Officials must quickly respond to both drought and floods, PM reiterates


BANGKOK, 21 June 2015 – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered local authorities and Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Centers to be ready in responding to both the drought and floods happening in different parts of Thailand, revealed Deputy Government Spokesperson Sansern Kaewkamnerd.

Sansern said natural disasters in the country are now more complexed. While the Central and the North are under the effect of the drought, another part of Thailand like Phetchabun Province is facing flooding, storms and run-off due to Southwest Monsoon.

“Officials should be able to adjust their operations to changing situation. In flooded area, they must quickly divert water to Kaem Ling water detention zones and local reservoirs. This would relieve the flooding impacts on local communities whereas the diverted water are reserved for agricultural and consuming purposes,” added Sansern.

Gen Prayut expressed his thank through him to rainmaker teams flying from the South to conduct rainmaking operations in the central region and the North. He was quoted as saying that though rainmaking operations could not completely stop the water crisis, the water situation was on an improving trend.

Since 1 March, 2,728 rainmaking flights have been conducted, and 92.1 per cent of the flights were successful.