Officials keep on enforcing tight security measures in key areas


BANGKOK, 31 August 2015  – Security units are still maintaining tight measures at important areas, while the investigation of the bombing incident is showing constant progress, says the NCPO Spokesman.

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)’s Spokesman Col Winthai Suwaree has announced the progress report on the investigation of the bombing incident at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, revealing that the case has shown constant progress, and the entire procedure must require adequate time in order to extract accurate and inclusive information.

On the security maintenance operations, security units are now working with the police to place security checkpoints to suppress unlawful activities and provide security protection to the general public at important areas, such as community areas, markets, tourism attractions, shopping malls, and border areas where stringent immigration screening procedures are now being implemented.

The NCPO Spokesman has also asked the public to have confidence in officials’ operation on this matter, and to help survey the situation. The public are asked to immediately inform the police or military officers on any suspicious persons or activity, for their own private safety and the public.