Officials, engineers inspect Bangkok Noi Dam


Bangkok – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has inspected Bangkok Noi Dam following a complaint filed by a nearby community concerning leakage.

The inspection was led by Deputy Bangkok Governor Chakkaphan Phewngam.

Chakkaphan and his team checked water barriers along Bangkok Noi Canal and instructed responsible personnel to identify and seal any leaks.

To prevent future flooding in the capital city, he said a 72-kilometer flood barrier and a 680-square-kilometer water retention area have been built on the east side of Bangkok. In western Bangkok, a 77-kilometer flood wall has been erected along Bangkok Noi Canal, Mahasawat Canal, Chak Pha Canal, and Phra Khanong Canal.

The deputy governor also ordered his subordinates to inspect a 43-kilometer flood barrier in Thon Buri district. These barriers were built 23 years ago, in 1995.

The City Hall is also planning to install steel sheet piles stretching 3.4 kilometers in Bangkok Noi district to protect 674 houses from inundation. The installation will take about 200 days.