OBEC to improve students’ O-NET test results


BANGKOK, 19 Nov 2014, To improve students’ O-Net test performance, the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC), plans to give out Pre-O-Net test sheets to students so they can practice before sitting the real exam..

According to Secretary General of the OBEC, Kamol Rodklai, his agency has set January 31st to February 1st as the dates for six- and nine-grade students’ O-Net tests, and February 7th-8th for twelfth graders’ .

Mr. Kamol said the Office would, prior to the tests, give out Pre-O-Net test sheets for students to practice, saying that the move would help improving or at least maintaining their scores.

The OBEC has instructed schools to analyse the examination results in order to devise plans to improve their students’ performance, he said. He added that the Office is planning to group schools with higher overall O-Net scores together, saying these schools could help the OBEC developing a concrete education improvement roadmap later on.