OAG wants more evidence before pressing charges against Premchai

Premchai Karnasutra.
Premchai Karnasutra.

Bangkok – Thailand’s Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) has decided not to send the case against Italian Thai Co Ltd CEO Premchai Karnasutra to court yet as more evidence is needed.

A team of OAG spokespersons and a prosecution panel responsible for examining a police investigation into Premchai’s alleged illegal poaching of wild animals revealed on Tuesday that certain matters needed to be clarified for the indictment to proceed.

The construction tycoon has denied all allegations.

Although the OAG did not reveal what those matters were, the spokesperson hinted that they were related to circumstantial evidence.

The investigation team is expected to conclude their findings no later than March 26 before the OAG decides whether to press 9 charges against Premchai.