Number of visitors to lower by more than 200,000 during PDRC’s rallies


BANGKOK, 10 January 2014 The PDRC’s rallies shutdown are expected to lower the number of tourists by more than 200,000, says the Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra indicated in her Facebook posted on Thursday that the overall tourism scene was still growing, although tourist numbers were dropping in Bangkok. According to her, the government had prepared measures to aid tourists during the upcoming political rally. An assistant hotline for tourists would be promoted, and tourists arriving at Suvarnabhumi would be given travel information and encouraged to travel via the Airport Link to avoid traffic congestion.

Tourism Council of Thailand chairperson Piyaman Techaphaibun said the council expected tourism revenue generated to miss target by 18 billion baht because of the political situation.

Meanwhile, Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Thawatchai Aranyik said the TAT expected that the number of tourists to drop by more than 200,000 during January 13 and 15, accounting for a loss of more than 10 billion baht in revenue.