NSC: ISA to last until end of year


BANGKOK, 26 November 2013 The National Security Council has said the enforcement of the Internal Security Act (ISA) across the capital and in nearby areas will last until the end of December. 

NSA chief Paradorn Pattanathabutr noted, however, that once tensions between the government and the demonstrators eased, the ISA could be revoked at any time before December 31.

He elaborated that the decision to impose the ISA in all districts of Bangkok and Nonthaburi, Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan and in Lat Lum Kaeo district of Pathum Thani was to prevent protesters from seizing Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samut Prakan and the government complex in Nonthaburi.

In the meantime, the NSA also made known that authorities were mulling issuing arrest warrants for core protest leaders who led their supporters to trespass and occupy four government agencies, which included the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The security agency urged members of the public contemplating joining the movement to comprehend the severity of criminal charges stemming from entering government premises under the ISA without authorization.