NSC gets ready for situations in Bangkok and Tak Bai


BANGKOK, 22 October 2013 The National Security Council (NSC) is prepared to enforce maximum security measures during the Tak Bai incident memorial period, while closely monitoring the current rally in Bangkok, said official. 

According to NSC secretary Lieutenant General Paradorn Paradorn Pattanatabut, the NSC has made a strict action plan ahead of the Tak Bai incident memorial period in southern provinces. Considering statistical information, the NSC must be cautious as a number of violent incidents occurred during this time for the past two years.

As for the demonstration of the Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand, it is currently in an incubating stage, adding that they, the demonstrators, will likely use the case of Phra Viharn and the amnesty bill to convince and gather people, said NSC secretary.

The NSC secretary also added that was up to the legislators to consider whether the situation would be resolved if the Pheu Thai party agreed to allow the existing constitution to remain in force. If so, it would likely unwind the situation. Nevertheless, the Government would closely monitor the situation even though there were no signs that more people would join the rally.