NSC blames violence on third party


BANGKOK, 19 February 2014  According to the National Security Council (NSC), the violence that took place on Tuesday during police operation to retake public areas was triggered by a third party intervention. 

NSC Secretary General Lt Gen Paradorn Pattanathabutr affirmed that the riot police did not use any live bullets or lethal weapons against the anti-government protesters during Tuesday’s operation, but the violent incidents that claimed 4 lives and 66 injuries were instigated by an unknown group, adding that the police are now investigating the matter.

Lt Gen Paradorn reiterated that the frontline police were only carrying crowd control equipment which included batons and shields, while admitting that the backup units did have weapons to deal with shooting incidents. He also expressed his personal belief that if the guns had actually been used by the police, it would have been only to help the frontline unit pull back or in a rescue mission only.

He went on to express his satisfaction with Tuesday’s operation, saying it went according to plans as police officers were able to reclaim areas around the Ministry of Energy.