NRC to meet again today to select members of 18 extraordinary committees


BANGKOK, 06 November 2014 – National Reform Council Second Deputy Speaker Thatsana Bunthong has been selected to head the NRC’s committee for the selection of members of 18 extraordinary committees.

On Wednesday Lt. Gen. Thitiwat Kamlang-ek, NRC member for political affairs, was chosen as the deputy chairperson of the committee. Ms. Benchawan Sangnithon, NRC member for state administration affairs, was chosen to be the second deputy chairperson. Ms. Churairat Chunlachakkrawat, NRC member for Chiang Mai, was selected to be the committee’s secretary. Mr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, NRC member for public health and environmental affairs,was chosen as the spokesperson for the committee. Also on Wednesday, the NRC established that six non-NRC members would be included in each of the 18 extraordinary committees.

According to Mr. Thon, many individuals have applied for positions in the extraordinary committees for anti-corruption reform, education reform and local administration reform while very few have applied to certain other extraordinary committees. The NRC wants each extraordinary committee to have at least 17-18 members.

The committee for the selection of the extraordinary committees’ members will meet again today (Thursday) to choose the chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and spokesperson of each of the 18 extraordinary committees.