NRC invites all to submit suggestions for 11 aspects of reforms


BANGKOK, 1 November 2014,  The National Reform Council is inviting all sectors to submit their suggestions for the 11 aspects of reforms to be carried out.

The working committee for preparation of reform, the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defense, is inviting members of the public, the private sector, academics, education institutes, various organizations and state agencies to submit their suggestions and their views on the 11 aspects of reform, in order to form a database that can be used by the NRC. The aspects of reform include politics, state administration, law and justice procedure, local administration, education, economy, energy, public health and environment, mass media, society and others.

The suggestions for reform can be sent to P.O. box 99, Ministry of Interior non-delivery post office, Bangkok 10206. Alternative channels include the website of the working committee for preparation of reform,, the email address [email protected], telephone number 0-2224-8944-48 and fax number 0-2622-2282.