NRC having members remove family members, relatives from paid positions


BANGKOK, 19 March 2015 – The National Reform Council (NRC) has reached a resolution to have all members remove family members and relatives from adviser or secretary positions.

Wanchai Sonsiri, spokesperson for the NRC whip, said on Wednesday that the resolution calls for all NRC members to remove family members and relatives from the positions of private assistants and specialists. Mr. Wanchai revealed that the resolution came about after the whip agreed to set a good example for the political sphere, by using the same practice guideline employed by the National Legislative Assembly.

The spokesman also revealed that press members in Bangkok are being invited to attend a seminar for discussing the draft of the new permanent constitution on March 28. The seminar will take place in Building Two of the Parliament.

According to Mr. Wanchai, the NRC has finished reviewing 174 sections from 315 sections in the draft charter.