NRC committee chairman on political reform gives input on draft charter


BANGKOK, 21 April 2015 – The chairman of the National Reform Council (NRC) committee on political reform has expressed his concerns over the draft charter’s section regarding political leadership and political parties. 

Prof. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong spoke on the second day of the NRC’s seven-day deliberation on the first draft of the charter.

He said he had reservations regarding the provision requiring Members of Parliament to resign from their posts when assuming Cabinet positions.

He also expressed concerns over the new electoral system, which facilitates a coalition government. Prof Sombat said that no coalition government of a developing country has been able to serve a full term.

The NRC member explained that coalition governments are susceptible to infighting, with various groups breaking away when their agenda is not properly addressed. Prof Sombat said this vulnerability can compromise the ruling government.