NRC approves 3 agendas of political reform plans


BANGKOK, 15 July 2015 – The National Reform Council has approved the political reform plans proposed by one of its committees.

The NRC meeting chaired by President Thienchay Kiranandana on Tuesday, resolved to approve three reports from the Public Administration Reform Committee which is led by Thirayuth Lorlertratna.

The proposals include the restructuring of central, regional and local authorities, reform of the budget system and the enhancement of the efficiency and the quality of public administration.

Under the proposed budget system reform, the committee suggested the use of the national strategy to draw a framework for all budget allocation decisions, and budgeting that is based on the conditions of each locality alongside the normal process.

For the restructuring of all authorities, the committee has suggested seeking the creation of missions and the setting of a limit on responsibilities for all of them, in a way that is interconnected and related to the national strategies.

Concerning the enhancement of efficiency, there were suggestions that new laws should be enacted while existing laws should be amended and that all state organisations should lift their levels of performance and genuinely try to meet public demand, while also tackling the problem of corruption.