Novel sales methods employed by lottery ticket sellers amid crackdown on overpricing


BANGKOK, 17 June 2015 – Amid the government’s crackdown on overpriced lottery tickets, several novel sales promoting methods were employed by lottery ticket sellers on the day of the lottery draw on Tuesday.

In Chiang Mai, each lottery ticket stall had a clear sign indicating an 80 baht price for each ticket. Some sellers were giving out to buyers one egg per each ticket purchased, while other sellers promised to buy back tickets after the draw for two baht each.

In Sukhothai’s downtown area, many people were buying tickets ahead of the afternoon draw. A huge throng of people gathered around the stall of a seller who was selling at just 75 baht a ticket, under the condition that buyers pick their tickets randomly from a bowl.

In Uthai Thani and Yala, most sellers were found to be in compliance of the 80 baht per ticket policy. However, many reportedly were unable to sell tickets with undesirable numbers. Some resorted to offering discount on such tickets, to avoid incurring leftover tickets before the draw.