Northern rail track repairing commences today


LAMPANG, 16 Sep 2013 The State Railway of Thailand starts repairing the northern rail tracks today, with a schedule to complete the works within 45 days. 

Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt revealed that the repairing would begin from Sila Art Station in Muang District, Uttaradit Province, and finish at the Chiang Mai station.

Posters have been put up in front of the Sila Art Station explaining the reason for the service suspension.

The Transport Minister said that all of the trains running on the route have been cancelled. Refunds will be awarded in full amount to passengers who have bought the tickets for the trains with destination in Chiang Mai.

Mr. Chadchart reaffirmed that the closure of the rail tracks is necessary for a full-scale repairing operation. He also said that the approach is better than conducting repairing and running the trains at the same time.

He also mentioned about the construction of the 2,900-kilometer-long dual rail tracks nationwide, saying that the project will go ahead as planned. Mr. Chadchart pointed out that one of its obvious benefits is that trains will have a back up tracks in case of an emergency.


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