Northeastern provinces brace for more floods


BANGKOK – Northeastern provinces are bracing for more floods as the Mekong River threatens to breach embankments.

In Nong Khai, the water level of the Mekong River has been rising steadily to 11 meters and 38 centimeters and is expected to increase even further. Parts of agricultural land in the province have been inundated, causing grief to farmers, who were earlier hit by drought. Sluice gates have been closed and additional water pumps have been installed.

The river’s water level in Buengkarn is the highest in three years. Ferry operators have been warned to exercise extra caution and to prepare sufficient amount of life vests for passengers. Residents living near the river banks have been told to brace for floods during this weekend.

Overnight heavy rains in Sakon Nakhon have caused water from Bhupan mountain range to overflow into the Mekong River, flooding plantations in many districts. Around 6,000 rai of agricultural land have so far been damaged by the deluge.