Nongprue Mayor Wins Seat for Second Term


On January 10 an election was held to find the Mayor of the Nongprue administration.

There were two main contenders: Mai Chaiyanit the head of the Rak Nongprue group who had been serving as Nongprue Mayor for the last year and Paisal Bhokham.

The total number of voters on the day was 14,504.

Paisal Bhokham received 3,803 votes and Mai Chaiyanit had more then double that amount with 8,883 votes.

In addition 12 council members of the Nongprue region 1 and 2 who got elected were all from the Rak Nongprue group.

6 other seats of the region 3 which were quite a competitive challenge between the Rak Nongprue group and the Pattana Nongprue group led by Narong Pollook-In who this time knocked the Rak Nongprue group away and conquered all seats for region 3.