Nongkhai provincial authorities inspect local canal for water levels


NONGKHAI, 18 July 2014 – Deputy Mayor of Nongkhai along with his entourage and officials from related agencies have went down to inspect the water levels in a local canal following continuous rains. 

Nong Khai Deputy Mayor Verachaichoke Mongkolphumrat along with his team have went down to monitor the progress of a canal cleanup, which has being causing difficulties in waterway traffic.

Backhoes have been deployed to dredge the canal and provincial prisoners were assigned to remove weeds and water hyacinths that have clogged water areas close to the Huay Sapan Thong Bridge. The weeds are the main reason for flooding in the municipal area and Don-Poh community.

For long term measures, the province is set to build a long concrete culvert to facilitate water drainage in a bid to prevent risks of flooding.