No agreement in House committee on amnesty criteria


BANGKOK, Oct 18 – A House committee scrutinising the proposed Amnesty Bill yesterday failed to agree on details of pardons to be extended offenders. 

The bill, passed by the House of Representatives in the first reading, is pending scrutiny by the House committee before re-submitting it to the House for the third or final reading.

According to the bill proposed by Pheu Thai MP Vorachai Hema, amnesty would be granted to offenses conducted between September 19, 2006 and May 10, 2011.

Yesterday’s meeting, however, agreed to start the amnesty from 2004.

Some MPs said the final date for the amnesty should be August 8, 2013 – the day when the Amnesty Bill passed the first reading.

A few MPs argued that those involved in the demonstration at Urupong intersection and rubber farmers who rallied in the South should also be covered by the bill.

Opposition Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said pardons should be granted in accord with the law, and not based on timing or incidents.

Another scrutiny committee member, Thaworn Senneam from the Democrat Party said it was unacceptable to grant amnesty to offenders involving in people’s lives or injuries.

The committee continues its meeting today.