NLA’s Surachai pledges to empower people in his speech at IPU Assembly


BANGKOK, 2 April 2015 – During his address to participants at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Vietnam, the National Legislative Assembly’s First Vice President pledged to empower the people in the process of national reform. 

NLA’s First Vice President Surachai Liengboonlertchai, who led the Thai delegation to the IPU Assembly, on Wednesday delivered a speech under the title “The Sustainable Development Goals : Turning Words into Action”.

Mr. Surachai told the international gathering that Thailand’s NLA has adopted HM the King’s philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in its work, which is evident in several laws the legislature has approved.

He also expressed confidence that the royally-bestowed philosophy and all the experiences Thailand has gone through will be of some uses for various countries in the development of the economy and the society.

Mr. Surachai also assured the participants of the IPU Assembly that the NLA will always make people the center of all endeavors, while working collaboratively with all sectors to allow Thailand to achieve its development goal.