NLA members meet with locals and government agencies in Trang


BANGKOK  – Members of the National Legislative Assembly recently traveled to Trang to get an update on issues faced by locals and government agencies.

NLA’s Second Vice President Peerasak Porjit led 26 members of the legislature, representing special committees of the NLA, the National Reform Steering Assembly and the Prime Minister’s Office, to meet with officers and residents of Trang to exchange ideas on various issues and hear their problems.

During the visit, the NLA-led delegation met with 600 local leaders, members of local administrative organizations and representatives from the civic groups, the private sector and the youth.

They also separated into small groups to inspect problems at the Pakmeng Pier, to join a corporate social responsibility activity at the Trang Provincial Special Education Center 4 and to meet with representatives of the women’s group.

The trip was a part of the NLA’s Meet-the-People initiative, which began in December 2014 and the legislature already made 27 trips to 52 provinces, to date.