NLA: Impeachment provision not out to target politicians


BANGKOK, 9 September 2014  – National Legislative Assembly (NLA) vice president Surachai Liengboonlertchai said the NLA is set to discuss controversial provisions on the impeachment of political office-holders in the upcoming meeting. 

Mr. Surachai noted that the matter will be decided by the NLA members, insisting that the provision on impeachment in the provisional Constitution is currently only a draft directive.

He stressed, however, that the rules governing impeachment procedures are necessary and not drawn up to target politicians or anyone in particular.

His comment came after former Senate President and member of the former ruling Pheu Thai Party Nikom Wairatpanij made public comments that the NLA should not be able to impose any regulations related to impeachment proceedings.

Other Pheu Thai members also echoed similar concerns, saying that even though Section 6 of the interim charter says the NLA serves as the House of Representatives and the Senate, the law-making body has no legitimacy to proceed with impeachment.