NLA approves new Land Traffic Act


Bangkok – Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has passed a draft Land Traffic Act that would revamp ticket issuing, fine payment and license confiscation.

The latest NLA meeting reviewed a Land Traffic Act submitted by the Cabinet with Minister of Transport Arkom Termpittayapaisit stating that, due to an increasing number of road accidents mostly linked to poor driving discipline, the Land Traffic Act of 1979 should be considered obsolete. Areas of improvement outlined by the minister included the issuing of tickets to driving violators.

On fine payments, the new act would allow for cashier’s checks and electronic transfers to be used alongside physical appearance by the violator at a police station. Police are to be empowered to confiscate a driver’s license if they appear unable to operate their vehicle or if they pose a danger to others or themselves as well as the authority to return licenses when it is deemed the driver is fit.

The act was approved with a vote of 157 in favor and two abstentions.