Authorities enter Tham Luang Cave for first time since rescue of 13 footballers


Chiang Rai – Authorities inspected Tham Luang Cave in Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai on Friday, the first time since the Moo Pa Academy 13 were rescued on July 11, 2018, and indicated it will be another month until a second survey can be carried out.

A team of thirty-five entered chambers one through three of the cave complex, traveling about three kilometers. Their inspection was the first since Moo Pa Academy Football Team was rescued from the cave after being trapped due to flooding. They found that much of the cave is still covered in sediment and mud with stretches of water that would require diving to traverse. The team took about five hours to carry out the survey.

The inspection revealed hundreds of oxygen tanks, field stretchers and rope are still strewn throughout the cave, especially in Chamber Two. Other remnants of the rescue and past visitors include foil, power gel and radios from World War II. All of the items have been cataloged with another survey to take place in a month’s time when conditions improve.

Commander of the Royal Thai Navy’s Special Combat Unit, Rear Adm Apakorn Yukongkaeo , remarked that the large amount of left over rescue equipment is an indication of the determination put into rescuing the Tham Luang 13.