An NGO proposes closure of Khao Yai national park during dry season


A non-governmental organization dedicated to Khao Yai wildlife conservation has recommended the temporary close of Khao Yai national park during the dry season from March to May in order to allow nature to heal itself.


Mr Kritachai Sukmangsa, president of the Association of Khao Yai Dong Phayayen Forest Conservation Network, said that the recommendation was based on the following reasons:

Illegal logging of Payoong trees. He suspected that some unscrupulous Khao yai park officials might have involved because the illegal activities took place in the national park and sometimes, seized Payoong logs stored in the park had been stolen.

During the dry season, wild animals usually venture out of the park area in search of food and water, hence causing damages to villagers’ crops resulting in conflicts between humans and animals. He suggested that more food and water should be supplied to the animals and more fences should be built to prevent the animals from encroaching on villagers’ property.

Several animals such as deer and monkeys are killed each year by motorists as they snatch food from tourists. Temporary closure of the park will enable these animals to forage for food in the wood.

Alleged misuse of public donations for Khao Yai shrine. The money should be used to support patrol missions by park officials, education and welfare of park officials and their children and should not have been used to buy an overpriced ambulance.

The public is not represented in Khao Yai national park committee. The association used to propose a people’s representative in the committee but this was rejected by the National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation.

Mr Kritachai said the park has never been closed once for the past 54 years since its opening.