New species of pomelo discovered in Phrae province


PHRAE, 26 November 2014 – Agricultural experts have headed down to Phrae province to study a new kind of pomelo that has a coconut-like fragrance. The group is ready to name it the “Viroon Pomelo” after the orchard owner.

According to Mr. Pansak Kaenhom, a researcher at the Department of Agriculture, the pomelo is believed to be an indigenous fruit species that has evolved into a different kind of pomelo as a result of cross-breeding. The pomelo has been discovered inside the orchard of Mr. Viroon Fanfuen, who lives in Baan Nam Jom Village in Cho Hae subdistrict, Phrae province.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Agricultural Research and Development Center in Phrae, Mr. Sakol Meesuk, has made some suggestions to the orchard owner. He recommended good pruning of the tree branches to allow enough sunlight and the tree to fruit. He also urged the orchard owner to cooperate with the Department in developing the plant as one of the outstanding products of the province.


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