New ferry boats to be put in service in Klong Saen Saeb


Two new passenger boats which are safer and more convenient will be put on a test run in Klong Saen Saeb later this month before they are commissioned into service.


The Marine department and the Krobkrua Khonsong company which operates the Klong Saen Saeb boat service have jointly worked on a new design of the boats to be put into service in the near future.

The seats of the new boats are arranged like those in city buses with an aisle between the rows of seats. Each boat has a seating capacity for 104 passengers. On each side of the mid section of the boat, there is a stairway to embark and disembark from the boat.

Passengers will not be allowed to stand on the kerbs of the boat for safety reason and the boat will be fitted with a diesel engine which does not emit black smoke like the existing boats.