New environment-friendly resort opens on Ko Phra Thong


PHANG NGA – Ko Phra Thong in Phang Nga province suffered severe devastation from the 2004 Tsunami, which forced its inhabitants to desert the island. Today, the island is being restored and is opening the Moken Eco Village resort with 10 unique guesthouses. 

Each guesthouse covers an area of 20 square meters and an additional 10-square-meter porch. The rooms are furnished with amenities and solar panels that provide electricity around the clock. The resort gets food from its own self-sustaining farms, as well as crabs that roam the beaches during the night. Each guesthouse features a unique theme of Ko Phra Thong that reflects its history and wildlife.

The resort was designed with environmental conservation in mind, as well as an emphasis on community. The simple island life will help visitors appreciate the value of wildlife, while 2% of the resort’s revenue will go to the education of islanders’ children.