NCPO steps up work against narcotics


BANGKOK – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has called for action against narcotics to be enhanced as part of its social organization effort, while also investigating those who may be taking advantage of the initiative for personal gain.

NCPO Secretary-General Gen Chalermchai Sittisat has issued an order to all agencies under the NCPO to strictly implement safety measures in all areas, emphasizing the need to enhance the placement of surveillance cameras while also gaining the cooperation of the general public.

On anti-drug operations over the past four months, Gen Chalermchai said up to 100 million pills of methamphetamine have been seized, well up on past statistics. Relevant agencies have nonetheless been instructed to find more ways to combat narcotics whether through policy or action with a focus on addressing the sources of the problem and tackling the issue both domestically and internationally.

Looking at the NCPO’s social organization efforts, Gen Chalermchai said authorities have been told to make sure no individuals are using the process to reap their own gains and to take legal action against anyone found to be using the organization efforts for illegal purposes.