NBTC arranges ASEAN Media Ethics Self-regulation to prepare for ASEAN


BANGKOK, 14th October 2013 The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has arranged an ASEAN Media Ethics and Self-regulation seminar in order to encourage media professionals in ASEAN nations to collaborate for ethics and self-regulation development and to create center of learning and exchanging knowledge amongst scholars and professionals in the ASEAN community. 

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has arranged the seminar at Centara Grand hotel at Central World, Bangkok. The main purpose is to gear up for ASEAN Economic Community, the goal of regional integration in 2015 and to aim for a better media profession in the future. Mr. Thakorn Tantasit  secretary-general of the NBTC presided over the official opening ceremony, followed by Mr. Sombat Leelapata’s statement , acting deputy vice secretary of the NBTC.

The conference was under the topics of Media Ethics and Self-regulation conducted by scholars from Maylaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Thailand. The NBTC’s plan and policy for self-regulation and sustainability, integration policy and Asean Media Ethics, self-regulation and sustainability was conducted by by scholars from Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, and last but not least, Thailand. It was clear that media grouping brought the values of independence, professionalism and ethical practices.

Media self-regulation is a joint endeavour by media professionals to set up voluntary editorial guidance and abide by them in a learning process open to the public. By doing so, the independent media accept their share of responsibility for the quality of public discourse in the nation, while fully preserving their autonomy in shaping it. Apart from the seminar, there was also a welcoming gymnastic performance by “Thai Gym” (ไทยยิม) crew from Thailand’s Got Talent show at the opening ceremony.