National Elephant day at Nong Nuch Garden


On the 13th March Suang Nong Nuch organized the Riak Khwan Chang ceremony – alternatively known as National Elephant Day.

Currently Suan Nong Nuch has 40 elephants under its care with five being males and the other thirty five females.

This day is for Thai citizens to look back on the history of Thai elephants, the animal that played a big part in the Hatthi battle conquering independence so of course elephants have been used by Thai royalty for centuries.

Many special shows were performed during this special day with the highlight being a nine year old elephant named Yok who wrote the words ‘ Stop Killing Elephants’.

After finishing the show, the elephants received fruits such as banana, pineapple, bamboo and fresh jackfruit, so that they could have their own dinner party