National Elections on Sunday


The first national elections since 2014 take place this Sunday, after which a new legislature will be formed and a new prime minister will be named. There will be a heavy law enforcement turnout to make sure the elections run smoothly and to quell any possible violence.

To help ensure safe and smooth elections, the law prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages will be in effect. This means that, by law, bars must be closed by 6:00 p.m. (1800 hrs.) Saturday night, March 23 and remain closed until the election is declared over on Sunday, March 24. The “no alcohol rule” applies to all entertainment areas, including restaurants, although restaurants may remain open if they do not sell alcohol. It is also prohibited to give away free alcoholic beverages, even at private parties.

Election laws of municipalities (year) 2482, amended 2523, section 12CH states: “as of 18:00 hours on the day before the election until the end of the day of the election, it is forbidden for anyone to sell, distribute, give away alcohol or have parties or social events that have alcohol served” Section 76 states: “whoever breaks this law is subject to a fine of no more than 10,000 baht or jail of no more than 1 year or both”

Thailand will have another dry Saturday night March 23 as the country continues voting in the first general election since 2014.