National Council for Peace and Order says tourism sector is improving


BANGKOK – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) announced that investigators are hard at work to solve the bombings of Ratchaprasong Intersection and Sathorn Pier, which have since been completely restored. 

According to the Tourism Council of Thailand, overall tourism has improved. The amount of tourists visiting Thailand in 2015 has risen to 30.45 million, a 22% growth from last year. Thailand’s projected revenue for 2015 is 2.3 trillion baht, which exceeds the target set by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

However, in order to help authorities provide a safe environment, entrepreneurs and business owners, especially those renting accommodations, have been advised to strictly follow all relevant legislation. The NCPO emphasized the record-keeping of basic information and documents of tenants and customers.

These include passports, national IDs and lengths of stay. This regulation will also help landlords and businesses build confidence among tourists and visitors with regards to government safety measures.

Security agencies have collaborated with all sectors to hold activities to inform the public on spotting suspicious activity and staying safe, without disrupting their profession or daily lives.